Holiday Cleanup

Give your landscape some TLC before cold weather arrives

Start your landscape pre-holiday clean up and winter prep now to make it look better and stay protected in cold weather.

  • Mulch, rake or blow leaves weekly! Leaves that accumulate will be more difficult to move, especially if they are wet. Leaves that linger will discolor the lawn and can quickly kill some perennials.
  • Cut back perennials, pull spent annuals and remove all debris. Debris that lingers over the winter begins to decay thus attracting fungus and damaging insects.
  • You can still install cool season annuals and bulbs. They will be slower to root and become established however if the weather is cold.
  • Mulch now! It will make your landscape look spruced-up for the holidays and it will protect your plants for the winter. Certain plants need LOTS of mulch for winter protection, such as lantana, ginger lily, and jasmine.

We do it all! So just give us a call!